Step 3 Provincial Re-opening

As of today the Province has moved into Step 3 of the Roadmap to Reopen. This includes the reopening of gyms, theatres and casinos, indoor dining, as well as the increase to outdoor gatherings to 100. This effectively eliminates any Covid related restrictions to the size of Barrie Rowing Club gatherings as outlined by Rowing Canada Covid-19 Updates.

What does this mean for Barrie Rowing Club Members?

  • members with their own shells are not limited in the number of times they go out on the water.
  • boats of all sizes are available for members to use
  • no restrictions on number of people in a boat bay
  • BRC members will continue to wear masks inside and when closer than 2m apart
  • continue to use the schedule/spreadsheet sign out and Covid-19 Daily Screening Form

New To Rowing? Start Here!

Rowers tend to be passionate about their sport. The sensation of being able to propel a boat at speed through the water under one’s own power is exhilarating. It requires teamwork and concentration so that one is almost oblivious to the physical exertion employed. Rowing is a sport that can be enjoyed by all. You can start at any age, learn the technique quickly and improve on it for the rest of your life. To many it is more than a sport, teaching lessons for life:

Rowing also brings significant health benefits. It exercises all the major muscle groups through the full range of motion, involves no body contact or jarring of the joints, and improves both strength and cardiovascular performance. It attracts those looking for an enjoyable recreational activity as well as those looking for exciting competitive opportunities.