The Barrie Rowing Club News & Events

The Barrie Rowing Club is a non-profit organization whose mission is to stimulate, advocate and develop the sport of rowing in the Barrie area and Simcoe County.

Rowing Events & Regattas

There are lots of options for exploring new places to row each season. Check out the options below. There is something for every level of experience and interest.

  • Regatta, Camps & Clinics Regatta Central organizes all rowing regattas. Search rowing regattas near you here. Camps and clinics

  • Rowing Tours The Ontario Adventure Rowing Association (O.A.R) offers a wide range of rowing activities. From the leisurely row along one of Ontario’s beautiful waterway, the more challenging coastal rowing on the open lake to the long distance rowing marathons, we have it all.

  • Club Merchandise and Gear
    Row West You can order BRC club apparel directly from them. Check out our Barrie Rowing Club team listing on their website.
    Regatta Sport sells rowing clothing and merchandise. Sometimes the BRC will make a club order with the BRC logo attached. There are no BRC orders planned at this time.
    Row Ontario Gear

  • Rowing Associations
    Row Ontario
    Rowing Canada

BRC Volunteer Hours

The Barrie Rowing Club is a non-profit organization that have been established by the vision of community members that saw the opportunity for youth to row on the beautiful waters of Kempenfelt Bay.  The current club programs, facilities, and equipment were developed by many dedicated volunteers since 1987.    We are grateful for the contributions of past and present club members who volunteer their time and skills in a variety of forms to ensure the future opportunities of community members of all ages and levels of experience to row on land and on the water.  All BRC members who row on the water in the summer are encouraged to volunteer their time and skills to continue to build the Barrie Rowing Club programs, facilities, funding opportunities, and coaching for youth programs.  BRC members can consider how they can contribute to club through volunteer hours and the following suggested tasks:

Volunteer Options

Once you have completed the mandatory hours, download, complete and submit a BRC Support Fee Refund Request Form available from the Forms & Documents section.

Job Postings: Summer Positions- Filled for 2024 Season

New To Rowing? Start Here!

Rowers tend to be passionate about their sport. The sensation of being able to propel a boat at speed through the water under one’s own power is exhilarating. It requires teamwork and concentration so that one is almost oblivious to the physical exertion employed. Rowing is a sport that can be enjoyed by all. You can start at any age, learn the technique quickly and improve on it for the rest of your life. To many it is more than a sport, teaching lessons for life:

Rowing also brings significant health benefits. It exercises all the major muscle groups through the full range of motion, involves no body contact or jarring of the joints, and improves both strength and cardiovascular performance. It attracts those looking for an enjoyable recreational activity as well as those looking for exciting competitive opportunities.