July 16, 2021 – Step 3 Provincial Re-opening

As of today the Province has moved into Step 3 of the Roadmap to Reopen. This includes the reopening of gyms, theatres and casinos, indoor dining, as well as the increase to outdoor gatherings to 100. This effectively eliminates any Covid related restrictions to the size of Barrie Rowing Club gatherings as outlined by Rowing Canada Covid-19 Updates.

What does this mean for Barrie Rowing Club Members?

–> members with their own shells are not limited in the number of times they go out on the water.

–>boats of all sizes are available for members to use

–> no restrictions on number of people in a boat bay

–> BRC members will continue to wear masks inside and when closer than 2m apart

–> continue to use the schedule/spreadsheet sign out and Covid-19 Daily Screening Form

July 8, 2021

The Barrie Rowing Club is following the direction of the Rowing Canada Updates , Row Ontario, the province of Ontario and the Simcoe Muskoka Health Unit to ensure all members and our community continue to be as active and healthy as possible during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Key Points from Rowing Canada Updates for BRC Members:

–> On-water rowing activity for club programs for experienced and new rowers in 1X, 2X/-, 4X/4+/4- and 8+ is considered sanctioned activity by RCA.  

–> Event sanction will be granted for outdoor events delivered July 23 and onwards where local and provincial restrictions allow. Please see here for details and expectations.

Re-Opening Plan Begins June 11

On June 7, 2021 the Province announced the early easing of restrictions under the Reopening plan, into Step 1, as of June 11. This measure permits outdoor gatherings of up to ten. Subsequently starting the morning of Friday, June 11, 2021 all rowing sessions have been increased to groups of ten

As a tenant in the South Shore Centre, the Barrie Rowing Club is obligated to comply with all local and provincial regulations related to Covid-19. The City of Barrie continues to monitor our operation to ensure we are complying with these regulations.

Please help us keep our Club operational by complying with our Covid-19 Protocols, including not using showers or change rooms, wearing masks when inside building or closer than 2 m, and washing and disinfecting boats and equipment after use (see video below). Adherence to these measures will help us to continue to operate until such time that these restrictions can be lifted.  

Looking forward to seeing current and new members out on the water in the early mornings for fitness and fun while keeping our community healthy and safe.

Open for ‘Limited Use’ – May 22, 2021

The Ontario Government introduced the Roadmap to Reopen on Thursday where they permitted boat clubs to open this weekend. The Barrie Rowing Club is taking this opportunity to open for recreational rowing starting Sunday May 23.

Sessions will be open to groups of five for members that are in good standing, including payment of fees and completion of registration documents. Once these items are complete members will be provided access to the Schedule Sign Out Sheet. For the next week (May 23-May 27) buddy boating will be permitted for adult rowers only.

The BRC Covid-19 Protocols have been revised to reflect the current three step plan and include the requirement for daily screening, the wearing of masks while on shore, and the need to wash boats and oars after rowing. Please note change rooms and showers  remain closed and washrooms are reserved for urgent use. 

  • Learn to Row and Other Structured Programs – No programs or lessons are currently permitted. The rules allow recreational boating which can be done with a safety boat. This is the same as before the Stay-at-Home order. Training/coaching/instructing is not permitted.
  • Only singles are permitted at this timeDoubles are only permitted with household members (in addition to direct household members caregivers or an individual who lives alone can join one household group).
  • Gatherings – 5 people is the limit for any gathering, so if a group is standing in the parking lot, or on the dock talking, there cannot be more than 5 people in that group. More people can be using the facility as long as they are maintaining a 2m distance and are not together in any organized way. Be cautious with how this is communicated.

It is important to remember that the Stay-at-Home order is still in place and that individuals need to ensure they are following all the Regulations currently in effect in the province.

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