2022 Annual Memberships

Annual memberships include access to all rowing times and year-round activities – regatta costs are not included.  Private Shell Owners (PSO) pay a $100 storage fee in addition to the annual membership and support fees.

Compulsory Refundable Support Fee for Annual Members

First year adults $80; returning adults $160; students $80.  

The support fee, payable at the time of registration, is fully refundable once the member has completed the minimum required number of volunteer hours (12 and 24 for new/student and returning adult members respectively).  The Support Fee Refund Request Form is available from the Forms & Documents section.

Annual Adult Membership – Fees 2022

Returning Adult members, total $620; new Adult members, total $540.  

Annual Adult membership $460, support fee $160 ($80 new members).  An adult member is one who is not a student.

Annual Student Memberships – Fees 2022

Returning and new student members, total $420. 

Student membership $340, support fee $80.    A student member is one who attended an educational institution full-time in the school term prior to the summer (or who is enrolled in full-time studies during the summer) and who plans to continue his/her studies full-time in the fall.

Private Shell Owner (PSO) – Storage Fee (limit of one private shell per annual membership)

Adult and Student PSOs pay an additional $100 storage fee.  Returning PSOs must register and pay their fees in full before May 1st or before going on the water, whichever comes first.  Limited space is available to annual members for storage of private shells;  only one private shell allowed per annual membership.  Please read the BRC Private Boat Storage Policy, and contact us to get your name on the waiting list for a space.

Discounts – On annual memberships only

Same year Learn to Row I or II graduate – Less $80

To register:   BRC Registration and Waivers (annually)

  1. BRC Private Shell Storage Agreement and Application (if applicable)
  2. BRC Swim test (annually)

Members must also complete the following each year:

  1. RCA Registration Procedure (annually)
  2. BRC Safety Quiz (annually)

Invoice and Payment:  

After receiving your Online Registration, BRC will invoice you.  Payment options are cash or etransfer to barrierowingclubtreasurer@gmail.com.

Barrie rowing club members – June 2020